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Fan Fiction Pet Peeves

- Chris or the main guys in the story are almost ALWAYS drug dealers or involved in some illegal activity as an income. Like get a real job.
- the main girl always wins in the fight. Let her get her ass beat, ONCE!
- They parents just don’t care. Ill be damned if my parents let my significant other spend the night. TUH!
- it seems like the girls are never on their periods! Having sex all the damn time!
- they’re is always the crazy Ex or the crazy current bf/gf why can’t they just have problems dealing with each other and not have an ex plotting to kill someone?
- it’s like all the girls friends are all pretty and skinny. Everyone needs a fat friend.
- same with the guys there is so ugly friends. Why not? Ugly people live too!

But I think I’m done!

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